What I have been up to...

Since I have been here in Calgary, I have tried to stay busy. Since I didn't have any of my craft supplies for two and a half weeks, I went to Michaels and picked up some new knitting needles and yarn, and started this poncho for myself. It is an easy pattern, but is taking me a while to make any real progress. I love the yarn and the style of the poncho, so I am sure that I will finish this...it just might take me a while.

I also went to the store last week and picked up some seeds. They had quite a selection of early starters, so I grabbed four different kinds and went to town! A shopping trip to IKEA led me to this really cool mini-greenhouse and the violets and spider plant inside.
I found a bunch of unfinished projects in a tote during the move, so I think I will try to clean them up before strting too many other projects. I do have something in mind as a gift for some family members...I'll give more details soon about that.
Well, I am off to take a shower and work on unpacking some more boxes...gotta love it when Hannah takes long naps!!!!

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