My Wish List...

So, I have been working on my on-going wish list of knitting items. I know that many of my readers are also into crafts, so if you feel like cleaning out your supplies...feel free to send them my way!!!
So, in no particular order, here is my current wish list:
any size, color or shape
Acrylic yarn
nobody seems to like this stuff for personal projects, but it is what I use for charity knitting (as requested by the hospitals). I'll take any color, though I cannot use yellow or green on hospital blankets.
ETA: We have been given permission to use yellow and green, so I'll take any colors!!!
Cotton yarn
I am going to attempt to follow in my Memere's footsteps and make my own dishcloths
Knitting books
I love to check out new patterns...or old ones...who doesn't love retro patterns??
A New Tape Measure
Mine is all stretched out, and I have to start at 10" in order to get a true measurement
A Ball Winder
I spent several hours tonight trying to wind a knotted ball of yarn...if only I weren't so cheap as to buy my own winder.
Any other knitting related "stuff"
There, that's it...not bad huh??

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