Something Special for Someone Special

Well, I have decided to put my baby blanket down for a bit...I have been making too many foolish mistakes on it. I'm not sure if it is because I am not paying enough attention, or if watching the Stanley Cup Playoffs has gotten me a bit stressed out (GO FLAMES GO!!!!). So, in either case, I decided to give lace knitting a try. I have always been intimidated by lace, small needles, etc. but when I saw this pattern, and this yarn, I knew I had to suck it up and try.
So, here is my third attempt at this bookmark. I think I am really getting the hang of the increases and decreases now. It took me a bit to master the "slip slip knit" and a few other new techniques, but I am really enjoying this!! I am using my Nana's old US1 needles...I found that the dpn were working better than the bendy straights.

I am done the first repeat of the pattern. Because I am using yarn and not crochet cotton, I will have to wait and see how many repeats I need to do for the correct length. Mine is coming out a bit wider and longer than the pattern calls for.
I am hoping that if this comes out well, I will be able to give it to my Nana for Mother's Day. It only seems appropriate since I am making it with her needles, right???

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WCOBBS said...

Yay for trying something new! It looks great!