I'm working on it!!!

Hello All!

Well, now that we have a bit more time before the Diva’s surgery, I have decided to make her a keepsake to take to the hospital with her. She loves family photos, and she loves talking about her family even more. So, I decided to make her a fabric family photo book. It is still in the works, bit moving along quite nicely. Unfortunately, my sewing machine shares a wall with the Diva’s bedroom, so I can’t work on the book unless she’s awake.

I am about a third of the way done, and much of the rest is cut and just waiting to be sewn together. I’m taking lots of photos, and I am hoping to finally be able to post an original project, complete with tutorial. Mind you, I am not a quilter, nor do I claim to be one, so you might look at my work and think that it could have been done 10 times faster and better a different way…oh well. Life goes on!!

I’m hoping to have some photos and instructions to post soon!!



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