You're Making a Whaaaa???

Hey Everyone!

I titled this post with the response that I am expecting from my knitting buddies. You see, I am NOT a sock knitter! I am 100% convinced that you are born either a sock knitter or a sock appreciator. (I feel the same way about knit toys…of which I LOVE to knit…and I have several friends who would rather…gasp…knit socks instead!) I love hand knit socks...I just DO NOT knit them. Well, until yesterday. I have been mentioning that I thought I might try making the Diva a pair and I cast on yesterday afternoon…and I turned my very first heel last night! Okay, so the exclamation point was for the benefit of my sock knitting friends. I think it is cool that I am making these for her, but I am not getting the “high” that I was told I would get from my first pair.

So, this may be my first and last pair of socks that I make…we’ll see. I think the Diva’s response to the finished pair will determine if there are any more in my future. In the meantime, I’ll finish these up…they are a lilac color (though they look gray), and I think I am going to switch to a dusty rose color for the toe. The Diva requested pink and purple socks…I think she was looking for one purple and one pink sock…pink toes might be our compromise. If I do make her another pair, I’ll make pink with a purple toe…then she can go all Punky Brewster and mix and match them.

Once these are off the needles, I am going to be working on yet another WCOBBS blanket. A bunch of us have decided to enter the Western Showcase Charity Division, and we are doing a red and white striped Stampede inspired blanket. I am knitting stripe two of it, so hopefully I’ll have some photos to share soon.

Well, I’m off to work on my socks…and to look for a stitch pattern for my stripe of the blanket.



Am I Using My Stash? said...

What is wrong with you girl? You didn't feel the excitement? Most of my excitement after my first pair of socks was the thought that I had made something they used to do all the time many years back and it wasn't nearly as mysterious and hard as people made out.

Hear Mum Roar said...

These are beautiful! I'm a fanatic knitter, but I've not tried knitting socks yet, but I just know I'll get a high when I do. It's great you had a go at it, you did well!

T-rexy said...

CUTE blog! I'm with you- I think clothes, while fun to make, are just plain less fun than other cute things.

Visiting from the Lady Bloggers' Tea Party!

Judy @ In His Grip said...

Wow, I am so impressed with the socks. I have started my first pair, oh, about three months ago, and am a little freaked out about the heel turning thing, so that is where I am stuck. This gives me some inpiration to get that heel turning thing started. Just stopped by from The Lady Blogger.