Photos of my Baby Doll

Hello All!!

So, I know that I have already shown a few photos of the baby doll I knit up for my cousin's new baby, but I was finally able to get some outdoor photos in the sun and I thought I'd share them too.

Here she is in all of her glory...the pattern is part of the Baby Doll Set from Susan Anderson.  I made a few mods since the yarn I was using didn't match up 100% to the pattern.  I used some wool I bought at Walmart that is SUPER soft, and the dress and bloomers are made of Bernat Cotton.  I won't lie, this was one of my harder projects, due to all of the different pieces and seaming, but I think it was totally worth it!  My favorite part is the hair...the little curls are so cute!!!  The technique looks difficult, but it was one of the easier parts of the doll.

If you have ever wanted to knit toys, I highly suggest Susan's Itty Bitty books!  The patterns are well written and very detailed.  I also love how so many of her toys start out with the same pattern of stitches as their foundation.   I always feel like her patterns challenge me a little bit each time I try one, and the end results are AWESOME!!!

Here are a few more photos of the end result.  The dress and bloomers are removable and washable.  The doll itself is spot clean only. 
So, what else have I been up to???  Well, I am 2/3 of the way done a blanket I am making for a friend of mine who is due next month with a baby boy.  I won't show any photos yet, but I assure you that it is coming along nicely.  I just hope I finish it in time!!!  I have been working on it non-stop (hence my lack of posts on here), and the end is in sight!!!  I seamed one row of 3 squares this morning, and I am going to seam two stripes together tonight...then I just have one more stripe to go.  The whole blanket is 9 squares (3 x 3) and it is based on my friend's love of UGA!!  Wish me luck on getting it done!!

I still promise that I'll do a garden post soon...our weather has been very rainy, so I haven't gotten any good photos of the progress.  Doesn't Mother Nature know that I have been promising you all a blog post?!?!

Until next time...


PS...I'm linking my doll up with... "Look What I Made! Day" at Creations by Kara...I tried to use her button, but it won't work for some reason...so click on the link above to see the rest of the cool creations on her site!


Sabrina said...

Really cute! I bet the little girl will love her!

Kara said...

I'm not always a fan of crochet/knit dolls, but I think yours is adorable!! Awesome job!

Prairie Girl said...

oh my goodness is that doll ever cute! I. LOVE. HER.

Well done!

babalisme said...

so so cute!! but I'm a crochet freak, so that could have been a biased opinion.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations! The doll is really beautiful, I want to knit one! :)

SharonG said...

Thank you for the wonderful comments!! I loved this project and plan to knit another one!!