It's Done! It's Done! I finished the Diva's Trick or Treat bag...and it's actually done BEFORE Halloween!!

My apologies for the crappy photos.  The camera I usually use for projects is in Toronto with my hubby, and I was too lazy to bust out the monster camera last night.  I messed around with the pattern quite a bit.  First, I used a much heavier yarn for the black portion.  Not the best idea.  I think that, along with my inexperience with color work, contributed to the puckering of the "Boo!"  I was able to soak the front of the bag in super hot water and stretch it quite a bit. 

Modification #2 was the addition of stripes to the back.  I was running low on black and decided to add some stripes in the Glow in the Dark yarn to help conserve.  I should have made the stripes wider, because I still ran out of black.  Oh well...

Modification #3 I only made one strap and I centered it on the side seams.  I thought I could stretch the black yarn far enough to get two straps, but it wasn't happening.  I also added a Glow in the Dark stripe down the middle...but it still didn't give me enough black.  Thankfully we don't go to too many houses on Halloween, so there shouldn't be too much weight in the bag.  If it works well and the Diva wants to use it again next year, perhaps I'll take off the strap and make new ones that are stronger. 

All in all, I am happy with this bag.  The Diva LOVES it!!!  She thinks the back is so cool!!  Her costume this year is a butterfly, so she likes that her bag looks like a bee.  It's funny, I have made some nice sweaters and hats for her that came out much better, but this seems to be her favorite project so far!!!  That's the sign of a true Diva for you!!

Once I get photos of her in her costume, I'll post some of the bag in action.

Cheers and Happy Crafting!

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