Taking a Break...from Knitting "Stuff"

Hello All-

I am again taking a small break from posts about knitting.  In all honesty, I am getting a bit overwhelmed with knitting right now.  I have put way too much pressure on myself to get certain projects done by certain deadlines.  At this point in time, I have 4 babies to knit for in 2011, and several projects that I have had to put on the back burner in order to make time for the baby stuff.  Don't even get me started on any of the charity knitting that I do, and where that is all at right now. 

I think I came to the realization that I need a break when I found myself in tears last night as I finished up a blanket for hubby's cousin and her baby girl that is due next month.  Yes, I was happy that I was able to get the blanket done in time, but the tears were out of pain, not joy.  Calgary winters are very long, cold and miserable on your skin.  Since we moved here, I have battled with bloody knuckles during the winter, and random skin cracks that burn and bleed.  I have tried numerous lotions, gloves...you name it, and I don't seem to have any relief until spring.  Last night my hand started bleeding, and after wrapping it up long enough to finish the blanket, I knew I had had enough.  The yarn I use is literally sucking the life out of my hands.

On top of the skin issues, I have been having trouble with my pinkie finger on my right hand.  While in the States for Christmas, I noticed that the top joint had swelled, but I chalked it up to a possible bite of some sort.  Well, it has been a few weeks now, and the swelling hasn't gone down, and the pain hasn't gone away either.  This is no bite...something is wrong.  I'll get it looked at eventually, but for now I want to try giving it a break and see what that does.

So, I will post about some of the baby stuff that I have recently finished up, but don't expect to see the Works in Progress items on the sidebar changing much. 

Thanks for bearing with me...



Anonymous said...

I feel your pain. Both on the "Knitting on a deadline" thing, and also the swollen knuckle on my right pinky. Although I'm pretty sure mine is the start of arthritis. Mortrin is my friend!
Remember it's only a couple more months till spring! (Evilknittingtwin)

Expat2 said...

If you're not enjoying it then you need a break. I know where you're coming from re the pressure to get things made. Whether we put the pressure on ourselves or it comes from others doesn't matter, we need to remember we create for enjoyment.