Bringing new meaning to “Tie one on”

Call me old fashioned…go ahead, I’m used to it. I mean, I do garden, knit, bake, and preserve food and…I do much of it while wearing an apron! Growing up, I don’t have very many memories of my Nana not wearing an apron. Those pretty pieces of fabric provided a place for us to wipe our hands when making cookies, a pocket to hold random things we’d find in the backyard, and my favourite, a laugh every time we tied the stings into a knot!

As I got older and started spending more time in the kitchen, I realized just how handy having an apron would be. I cannot tell you how many times I have had to change my clothes before company arrives because I had flour all over my pants…yes I own kitchen towels…no I don’t use them very often!

During a shopping trip at one of my favourite stores in Portland, Maine, Maxwell’s Pottery, I stumbled across this rose patterned beauty. She was perfect! Much more detailed than Nana’s aprons, with the heart shaped pockets, but perfect for me. I had to have her!

Recently, Nana was cleaning out some of her belongings and she came across this orange delight. I love the cross stitch details on the bottom. Though I don’t remember her wearing this one specifically, it is much more like those that she used to wear than my rose one. I was so excited when she gave it to me, and I will treasure it.

I have tried to pass my apron love down to Hannah. She has three of her own now, and has pointed out several others at various stores that she would like to have. The orange striped apron is one that I made her when she was quite young. The blue striped one was a hand-me-down from her cousins in Maine, and the princess one was added to the collection this past weekend from the dollar store.
Though I think I would wear my aprons proudly despite their new found popularity, it is nice that there are so many fellow lovers out there. A quick search online will grant you quite a few sites dedicated to aprons, both full and half sized. There are some amazing patterns floating around for making your own, and I cannot wait to try some of them out while adding to my collection!


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