Garden Update...Mother Nature is a B*%#h!!

Hello All-
I wrote this post a week or so ago, but it didn't publish.  I thought I'd post it now since we got even more snow after I took the photos below.  Thankfully my garden is thawing out now...fingers crossed for NO MORE SNOW!!!

Remember this photo from two days ago?


This is what it looks like now...

Mother Nature: 1   Sharon's Garden: 0

Here in Calgary we all hoped and prayed that the reports of 20+ cms of snow was a silly April Fool's Joke.  But no, it was for real.  Thankfully the sun is out today and this white stuff is all melting away.  Here are a few more photos of Mother Nature's Not So Funny Joke...

And finally, a bit of promise...there was a spot just big enough on the deck for my slipper covered feet this morning.  I guess Mother Nature was also trying to tell me that there is an end in sight.

Don't worry...we aren't letting a bit of white stuff stop the planting and garden planning inside.  More updates this week on what we've been up to and also some sneak peeks of party planning for Hannah's birthday!!

Have a Great Week!!


Rachael said...

Eeeek! That's a lot of surprise snow. We've had a really hot Easter over here in England - 27degrees and the children have been playing in the sprinklers.

SharonG said...

Thanks for the comments!! It has actually warmed up here since that snow came. My backyard (south facing) is thawed and the front is getting there. We had a beautiful Easter Sunday yesterday...temps about 12 or so. They think we'll hit 20 this week which will give my garden the boost it needs!!