Spring Has Sprung in Cowtown!!

Hello All-

I am so sorry for the lack of posts lately.  I have been so busy!!  Between dance classes, music classes, playing outside, Easter, and a slew of other things, I have been right out straight. 

Yesterday Hannah and I spent most of the day outside.  It seems as though Spring may have finally sprung here.  My gardens are all full of new life, and even the grass is greening up nicely. 

I started weeding yesterday and found lots of green "non grass" popping up.  My gooseberry bush apparently survived its first Alberta winter, as you can see.  There is a bunch of new growth coming up in the middle, and all of the branches are budding.  My family has always had gooseberry bushes on their property, and they all swear that you have to grow them alongside a red currant bush.  My Great-Grandmother used to mix the berries for jam and it makes for a nice balance of sweet and tart.  I saw a few currant bushes at Walmart the other day, so maybe my little gooseberry bush will be getting a roommate before too long.

At the end of the season, I transplanted my strawberries from my veggie garden into my flower garden.  I wasn't sure they would survive after a move and then the winter, but I was wrong.  They are growing nicely, and, in my mind, I can already taste the first berry of the season...yum!
The chives have really taken off!!  This is year number three with them, so the plant is quite established by now.  I can't believe how thick the chives are getting though!  They remind me of the ones my Memere and Pepere used to grow that we would use as straws because they were so big!! (Don't mind the grass in the photo too...I was mid-weeding when I took this photo)

My edible crops aren't the only things that are popping up.  I have several bulbs coming up, including this cute little hyacinth.  I cannot wait until they all come up and add lots of color to my flower bed.  The only problem is that I cannot remember exactly what I planted for bulbs, or where, so I'll be as surprised as everyone else once they start blooming!!

Out front things are popping up nicely as well.  I haven't taken any photos yet since I have a lot of weeding and cleaning out to do.  Our home is directly north-south, with the backyard in the south sun, so the front of the house gets sun so much later.  Up until a few days ago there was still a fair amount of snow in the front garden.  Thankfully it has all melted and the ground is softening up, but it is still a bit behind the back.  I did see some tulip bulbs sneaking up, and the day lilies are greening up, so next week I should have some progress photos from out there. 

So far the weather has been quite agreeable.  It has been warm the past few days, and the rain that we are expecting today should help things along.  I just hope that it is more gentle than driving, since I planted some seedlings yesterday and I don't want them floating down the alley!!

More updates to come, including some photos of my indoor plants!!


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