Fresh from the Oven: Carrot Cake Jam

Hey Everyone!
Continuing with my canning, I came across this recipe from the Aska Lodge in Georgia, and I had to try it.  I mean, I love carrot cake, especially when it has pineapple in it, so I was drooling over the idea of a jam with similar flavors.

One of the best parts of this recipe is that the ingredients are so inexpensive, and it makes a decent amount.  To get the required 2 cups of carrots, I shredded 3 large carrots.  For the apples, I chopped 2 good sized Golden Delicious and had plenty.  I was extra careful when I cored and chopped my apples that no pieces of the hard core were left.  I would have prefered to cut up another apple than to bit into nasty core in my jam.

The whole process was quite quick.  The recipe calls for a small saucepan, and I did use my medium sized one.  I was afraid that my "small" was too small.  Good decision on my part, as I almost had to go up to the large one to fit everything in. 

Most of the time is spent simmering the apples, carrots and pineapple.  That gave me a chance to clean up the mess I made from all of the shredding and chopping. 

Once you add the sugar, spices and pectin, it smells heavenly!!!  It took a lot out of me to not start lapping the bowl right then and there!!

The recipe made 4 1/2- oz freezer jars worth of jam.  It says it doesn't set 100%, so this is more of a spread than a jam.  I put all of my jars in the fridge for now and I am going to freeze, and give away, the full jars.

Hannah and I sampled a bit of the warm jam and it was so yummy!!  I think next time I'll use actual pumpkin pie spice instead of the individual spices.  I found the cloves to be a bit strong for my taste and I'm hoping they'll be a bit more mellow in the pre-mixed version.

All in all, a keeper!!!

Happy Canning!!

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