Lots of Items To Bid On!!!!

By now you are probably getting sick of me talking about the on-line auction we are having for my blanket charity (Western Canadian Oddball Baby Blanket Society)...so, you have one of two options...1) go to http://wcobbs.auctionsalacarte.com/babyblankets and start bidding, or 2) don't read either of my blogs until next week. The choice is yours...HAHA!!!!

For those of you who are considering bidding, now is the time to do it!!! There are still more than 20 items that have not been bid on yet, and many of them do not have a reserve! Handspun yarn for whatever price you name?? Handmade goodies for a fraction of what they are worth??? YUP!!! If you were wondering, I made the mosaic mirror, and though I would love my friend Jen who bid on it to get it, I would love to see it go for more than $5.00...the current bid.

When you bid, you have two options...you can either bid a firm offer, or you can set a proxy bid. A proxy bid is great if you don't want to be glued to your computer watching the bids. You list the highest price you are willing to pay for the item, and it will up the other bidders by one dollar until your highest bid is met. So, by doing this, you may get the item for less than what your bid is (if no one wants to keep bidding against you). You can also donate a set amount if you are not interested in bidding on any of the listed items.

We have tried to make the auction as user friendly as possible...no additional shipping charges are being added (except on one glass item that is fragile), most items have no reserve, and there are several payment options...we are even willing to be personal shoppers! If you bid on one of the two yarn store gift certificates, one of the officers of the WCOBBS and the shop owner will purchase your yarn or fiber related items for you and then ship you the goodies!!! It doesn't get any easier!!!

If you have any questions, please let me know, or you can email the WCOBBS at wcobbsociety@shaw.ca

Thanks again for your support!!!

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