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Hey Everyone!
So, as most of you are aware, for the past six months or so, I have been very involved with a charity here in Calgary, called the Western Canadian Oddball Blanket Society (WCOBBS). We knit blankets for the NICU at the Foothills Regional Hospital here in Calgary, as well as the Alberta Children's Hospital (also in Calgary...this is where Hannah goes for her Cardiology appointments and her RSV shots). Our group is currently made up of 40+ women throughout Alberta and BC. Many of us are involved because we are mothers or grandmothers of children who, for one reason or another, had extended hospital stays, and were helped in some way by the generosity of others during that time. For me, I decided to seek out this type of group after Hannah received quilts and blankets while she was at Maine Med for her two operations. I am very blessed to have found the WCOBBS...it has not only given me an opportunity to give back to others, but it has also helped me to meet some wonderful women!!! I have gotten so involved that I am now the group's Vice President!!
So, why I am I telling you about this?? Well, we are holding an online auction starting Monday and ending on Friday. The purpose of the auction is to raise the funds necessary for us to become a Canadian Charitable Organization. By doing this, we will not only be recognized by the country for our efforts, but we will also be able to accept donations from outside sources. Right now, each knitter uses donated needles, supplies their own yarn and pays to ship the blanket to the next knitter. We would love to be able to have a collection of needles that belong to the group, as well as yarn for those who cannot afford it, and we would love to be able to help with shipping costs. The knitter who begins each blanket also supplies a journal that goes to each knitter for us to write notes to the child who will be getting the blanket. Though these items do not cost much on their own, it does add up when we are doing several blankets at once. Each blanket is also cleaned, bagged, etc before going to the hospital...again, not expensive, but it all adds up!!
The link for the auction is http://wcobbs.auctionsalacarte.com/babyblankets Feel free to take a look at the items we have up for bid. Much of it is knitting related, but there are some cool soaps, a beautiful handmade bowl, some jewelry, and a cool mirror that was made by yours truly!! You can look at the items now, but the bidding won't start until Monday. There are also a few bugs being worked out this weekend on the auction site, so if you see anything that looks odd (mostly text that needs to be changed), don't be alarmed. If you do like anything that you see, please know that we will be shipping items to the US (shipping is free to the US for most items...I think only one item has special shipping instructions because it is so fragile), and you can bid with a credit card or PayPal. Finally, if you don't see anything that you'd like to bid on, but you want to help out, we will be accepting donations. That link is currently not working, but will be on Monday.
Thanks for your support. Please do not feel obligated to buy anything...I just wanted to let you all know what I've been up to!! You can also follow our blog at http://wcobbs.blogspot.com I currently maintain the blog, so if you have any ideas on how it can be improved, let me know!!!
Please feel free to pass this info on to anyone you think might be interested...
Thanks and have a great weekend!!!!


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