Ahhh...catch-up time!!!

Wow...it seems like forever since I have posted any projects. Here's the short and sweet reason why...well, there are two reasons, 1) my parents came to visit for a week, so even though I was knitting, I wasn't blogging. And 2) we were all UBER-Sick!!! Hannah came down with the flu the day after my parents left and was sick for a week, then Craig and I caught the same exact bug and we were sick for the better part of a week. I don't know what we caught, but it was worse than any flu Craig and I have ever had!!! So, with that said...here is an update on what I've been up to...
First, right before my parents visited, I worked on my second WCOBB, Farley. It was named after Farley the Fox, the mascot of the Calgary Hitmen Hockey Team. The sections before mine were super textured, so I went with a simple Moss Stitch to continue with the chunky feeling...

While I still had Farley, I also got Harvey. Harvey is a special blanket, it is named after Harvey the Hound, the mascot of the Calgary Flames. Though the theme of this blanket is dear to me, I think it should be burned!!! I am flat-out convinced that it has caught what I am calling the "Mike Keenan Curse". (Mike Keenan was the coach of the Flames who was recently relieved of his duties...aka canned...though he will continue to collect is million dollar paycheck next season while working on his golf swing someplace warm!!!) First, Lori, the person who started the blanket was really sick, and it took a little while before I got the blanket because of this. Then, Hannah got sick and I had a tough time passing it on to the next knitter, then Craig and I got sick as soon as I did hand it off. Finally, Sandi, the woman who got it after me had a bad flare-up with her carpal tunnel and might not be able to knit her section. Though I am sure that it will be beautiful when it is done, I feel a bit guilty giving it to a sick little one...hmmmm....

Next, while my parents were here, my Mom helped me...aka did it for me...seam up my Neverending Poncho. I don't have any photos of the finished product, though as soon as I snap a few, I'll be sure to post them.
Yesterday, I received a package from a woman in Arizona. She and I are both part of a group on Ravelry called "RAK-Random Acts of Kindness". Essentially, you post a wish-list of items, and if anyone can fulfill any of your list, they mail it to you...free of charge...just to be nice. It is pretty cool. So far I have only been able to mail out a few postcards and send lots of prayers, but this woman decided to send me a special package.
Inside were some circular needles (the size we use for WCOBB blankets), three balls of baby yarn to make charity items, and a new tape measure!!! The last item is all for me!!!! I ave needed one so badly, and I am super-psyched to have one!!

Finally, about 20 minutes ago, I finished Hannah's sweater!!!! This is really important to me because it is my first sweater!! My Mom helped me by teaching me how to sew seams, and the rest I did all by myself!!! Here are some photos of the finished product. When Hannah gets up from her nap I'm going to have her try it on...I'll be sure to get some pictures of that too. Hopefully it fits!!!!!

Well, the Diva just woke up from her nap, so I'm off...have a good one!!!

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Domie's Mom said...

What a beautiful sweater! Great job. She will wear it out for sure:)

I just hope Harvey does not pass on that flu. Ouch.
Glad to hear you are all back up to par:)