Hannah's Fall Sweater

Well, here it is...Hannah's Fall Sweater!!!

I just finished it this afternoon, and it is a PERFECT fit!!!
Hannah was so excited to try it on! Now all I need to do is find the perfect buttons to go on it. I have some plain ones kicking around that would fit, but I know that Hannah would like to pick out some special ones.
I named the sweater Raspberry Tart, since that has quickly become Hannah's favorite character from my old Strawberry Shortcake toys. That, and the colors reminded me of a raspberry patch.
The pattern was super easy...it only took me 6 days to finish, and I wasn't knitting every day on it. I must say that I am a bit sick of stockinette stitch right now!! The yarn pooled just a bit on the sleeves...one had some cream colored pooling, and the other had some raspberry color pooling. Overall it wasn't bad considering the type of yarn.

I am really pleased with the pattern, and the result!!! Now I have to find some coordinating yarn for a hat and mittens. I have enough of this yarn left, but I can't handle anymore stripes!!!
I'm not sure what's next for the needles, so I'll keep you posted.


Nennie said...

This turned out SO cute! Great job!

Lori said...

So cute! Hannah looks really happy with it!

Karla said...

Love the sweater! Great job and it looks adorable on Hannah!!