The Mini-Man Vest

Here's my latest project...The Mini-Man Vest. I started it on Friday night and finished it up this morning (minus the buttons and blocking). I am torn on this one. It is really cute, but some of my finishing isn't 100% up to par. I made it in a 18-24 month size. The original used a much smaller needle size and thinner yarn. I went with a size 8 needle and a bulky yarn. I had hoped to make it a 12 month size or so, but it almost fits Hannah. Oh well...if I decide to give it to the person I'm thinking about, the little guy will have to grow into it.
Anyway, here's the info:
Made with Size 8 needles and Bernat Softee Chunky Solids & Marls
Approx Size: 18-24 months

Up next, possibly some more baby items...then some warm stuff for a local shelter.


Aubrie's Mom said...

Thank you for sharing your finished size and the needles size and type of yarn to make larger version of this. I am relatively new to patterns and was not sure of how much larger on gauge to go. Cheers to you!

Anonymous said...

I can only find the 0-3 month pattern. Do you have the conversions for the older sizes?


SGiles said...

Hello All!

I just responded to the 2nd commenter, but I thought I'd comment on here too. I guessed and used a US size 8 needle and chunkier yarn, hoping to get a 12 month size. I failed, and got a much larger garment...closer to an 18-24 month size. This is a super easy and super quick knit, so surely worth playing around with to get the size you need!! Good luck everyone!!!