Projects...Projects Everywhere!!!

So, despite the fact that I have been a huge slacker about posting, I have been getting some knitting done.
But, before I show you some of my finished objects...here is my knitter in training!!! She LOVES playing with yarn (who doesn't?) and she likes taking her sunglasses and clicking the ends together so they sound like knitting needles. The other day she even ran around the house saying that " 'Y' must be Mommy's favorite letter, because 'yarn' starts with 'Y'!" She also tries to "help" me knit by yelling "knit, purl" whenever I am working on something. It is so cute!!!
So, here is one of my latest projects. It is the
Concentric Squares Baby Blanket pattern by Fiber Fiend/Margit Sage. I renamed it the "Willoughby" since the green reminded me of Vermont, and I made it for some college friends back in Vermont. I hope their little boy (due in October) likes it!!! It is wicked soft and quite large. I made it with 4.5 skeins of Lion Brand Jiffy Solid in Grass Green.

The pattern is UBER-Easy!!! The squares are all made with alternating stockinette and garter stitches. The best part is that it works up so quickly that you don't have time to get bored with the pattern!! This took me about a week and a half to finish, and I wasn't working on it 100% of the time.

Oh, I also brought "The Floridian" back from hibernation. I plan on working on it in between other projects. You can keep tabs on my progress in the sidebar. I'm mid-way through the white section now, and I'll add three more stripes after that. Essentially, I am doing a basic rice stitch in each of the three colors, and I go until I run out of yarn. Pretty simple!!!

I also have some other finished objects that still cannot be revealed just yet. As for new projects, I am currently working on a WCOBBS blanket, Just Beachy. I should have photos of that by the time I post next. I also just bought yarn for Hannah. She wants a sweater, and since I have been doing so much knitting for others, I figured it was time to start something for her. I haven't cast on for that yet, but as soon as Just Beachy is mailed to the next knitter, I'll jump right on it. I'm also on the hunt for some cool Christmas presents, so that should keep me busy for a while!!!

Well, I'm off to lay down. I pulled a muscle in my back last night, and I have a hard time sitting for long periods of time in the Dining Room chairs.

Have a great week!!!

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