Typically I post when I have some new project to show off...this time you're stuck with me venting about how my Knitting Mo-Jo...Mo-Went! I have started several projects since my baby knits extravaganza, but none of them were working out. I made a hat for Hannah...and it was too small...I tried another one and it was too big...man, I am starting to feel like Goldilocks! I even tried knitting with Alice, my Alpaca yarn (named by my buddy Cara), and even that wasn't talking to me.

I did manage to start another OBB...this one is Olympics themed...photos to come. I honestly haven't taken any of it yet. I finished it in only a few days, but it has taken me 2 weeks to get up the umph to mail it out. That and I have been killing myself trying to find the perfect notebook to mail along with it. Argh! I need out of this rut and fast!!!!

So, I'm off to look for another pattern to try...hopefully to also finish! I bought some orange and green yarn at Michael's yesterday...maybe some pumpkin hats?? We'll see...

Thanks for sticking with me through the dry spells!!!


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