Meet Charlotte!!!

Hey Everyone!!
I'd like to introduce you to my new friend...Charlotte!
Charlotte is an S10 Louet spinning wheel...isn't she pretty???
Since I've lived in Calgary, I have met so many people who spin. I never thought much about getting into it until recently. A friend of mine has several wheels and is always looking to expand her collection...well, she saw this beauty online for sale and asked me if I was interested.
So, I'm not one to brag about money, but I have to share this awesome deal with you all!! The woman wanted $200 for the wheel...according to several spinners on Ravelry, this is a good price for a used wheel. Then, when I got back to the woman, she told me that there was a broken piece on it, and she was knocking the price down to $89! At that price I had to at least go look at it. So, my friend Tamara and I went to see it today. Sure enough, the cap that holds the treadle to the bearing on the wheel was not holding properly. Tamara didn't think that the part would cost much to replace, so I took a chance and bought it. We drove right down to Shuttleworks and had Cal take a look at it...wanna know how much the new piece cost?? LESS THAN TEN BUCKS!!! I ended up getting the piece, another missing piece for one of the bobbins, and a niddy noddy for $30!!!

So, I cleaned her all up and this is what she looks like! Thanks to my friends Cara and Tamara, I have some beautiful fiber to work with. That, combined with my new ball winder and swift, I should be good to go!
I'm off to do some research online about my wheel...hopefully I'll have some photos to show you of my "practicing."


Myrna said...

That's an awesome deal!!! Enjoy!!

Expat2 said...

I can't believe it, dpns, and now spinning, you'll be crocheting next!

WCOBBS said...

Yeah, but see Expat2, this is just her sad attempt at avoiding crocheting. It won't work of course ;-)