My Wish List...Updated

Hello All-

Quite a while ago, I posted my knitting wish list. Well, now that the holidays are over, I thought I'd update it a bit...

Here we go...

any size, color or shape
Update: Hannah and I have started buying "Bags 'o' Buttons at Walmart and Zellers...I now have more buttons than I know what to do with!!! Hannah loves playing with them, and I love all of the beautiful shapes and colors...mission accomplished!

Acrylic yarn
Nobody seems to like this stuff for personal projects, but it is what I use for charity knitting (as requested by the hospitals). I'll take any color!
Update: I'm still happy to take any acrylic that is sitting around in your stash and looking for a new home! I promise to put it to good use!!!

Cotton yarn
I am going to attempt to follow in my Memere's footsteps and make my own dishcloths
Update: I bought some cotton, but the dishcloths haven't happened yet. The cotton sucks any moisture that I have in my hands right out! I used some to make my Mom an angel for Christmas, but other than that, it is just sitting in my stash.

Knitting books
I love to check out new patterns...or old ones...who doesn't love retro patterns??
Update: Wow...I did very well with this one!! I have LOTS of new books!!! hubby got me 3 for Christmas that I am in love with...projects coming soon!!!
A New Tape Measure
Mine is all stretched out, and I have to start at 10" in order to get a true measurement
Update: So, I had a very generous person donate some yarn and include a tape measure back a while ago...and then hubby broke it!! I found a new one at the dollar store, and it is working perfectly!!

A Ball Winder
I spent several hours tonight trying to wind a knotted ball of yarn...if only I weren't so cheap as to buy my own winder.
Update: My In-laws bought me an electric winder for Christmas...woohoo!!!

Any other knitting related "stuff"
Update: Yeah, my craft closet is full now...
So, what items am I adding to my list?? Let's see...
I am pondering the idea of learning how to spin. So, I guess maybe some spinning related items? This is TBD.
I keep hearing from my friends that I HAVE to learn how to crochet. So, I guess I am looking for some time and patience to learn this new skill.
Eventually I'd like to upgrade my interchangeable knitting needles. I love my Denises, but they don't work well on fine weight yarn.
If I end up spinning or finally buying nice yarn that comes in hanks and needs to be wound, a swift might be nice.
I think that's about it for now. We'll revisit this in a while to see how things are going.

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