Sweater Needs a Home...

Well, another sweater is done!! I finished this little guy at about 1:30 AM...yup, you read that right...AM! I tried a new bind off method, and though it looks good, it took FOREVER!!! Oh well...
This pattern is Baby Sophisticate, and I made it in (I think) 0-3 month size...maybe a bit bigger. It took me about 2 days to start and finish...gotta love size 9 needles!!! I used some leftover Vanna's Choice yarn from my stash...just about 2 skeins of it.
I used a few new techniques on this pattern. The first was a backwards loop increase instead of the typical M1 or kfb. Also, this is my first seamless sweater! The only seams were to close up the tiny little holes that were left under the arms near where I used dpns to knit the sleeves. Not bad too shabby. Finally, the bind off method that I used was a sew-off binding. It uses a sewing needle to stitch the binding. When it is done, it resembles the look of a long-tail cast on...or so I have read!!! (I only know how to cast on one way)
so, all in all, my two biggest complaints about this sweater are...1) purling in the round on dpns! The edges of the sleeves are done in garter stitch, on dpns. I had never purled on dpns before, and I likely will never do it again! I just couldn't get my stitches tight enough, and I think they look a tad sloppy because of this. 2) The bind off took a long time to do. Had it been faster, I would surely consider this method more often. Perhaps if there weren't so many stitches, it wouldn't be so bad??
So, here's the problem...I have no baby to give this to. Who knew I would ever start a finished object stash?? Considering that I have always had issues with finishing things, this is quite a shock!! I had originally planned to give this to a childhood friend who is having a baby this spring, but she is due in May, and it will likely be too warm for this bad boy. (She's going to be getting a blanket instead...I still have to pick a pattern/start on it!) My friend Cara is coming over this afternoon with her little guy...I told her that if it fits Baby Jack, he can have it. Though I think he'd look super cute in it (he looks cute in everything!), he is a 3 month old chunker, and probably won't be able to squeeze all of his cuteness into it!!
Speaking of this afternoon, Cara and Tamara are coming over for some Girl Time this afternoon! Cara is going to put my ball winder to good use, and Tamara is going to get me going on my spinning wheel. That, along with some gushing over Baby Jack, should make for a fun afternoon!!!
Well, I'm off to glaze the Danish Puffs that I made for us to munch on...
Have a great Sunday!!!


Cara said...

I dreamed of your puffs during my nap... so luscious (drool)

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This is beautiful!