No bug will stop me!!!

Hey Everyone!!
Sorry I haven't posted in a bit...Hannah and I were stopped in our tracks by a nasty stomach bug! She got sick the end of last week, and it hit me this past weekend. We're on the mend now, so I'm back to knitting and posting new projects.
First up, Baby Bear. I still have to put a face on this cutie, but I am still considering her to be finished. I love her little tail...it is so cute!!! I have more of this yarn in different colors, so I am hoping to make a few more of this bears in the near future!!!
Hannah named this bear Lolli. I asked her if it was because the colors looked like a Lollipop and she replied with, "No, just 'cuz". Ahhhh...2-year old logic!!

The same night I finished Lolli, I cast on a new baby sweater. This one is the 5-Hour Baby Sweater. They weren't kidding...if this took me 5 hours to make, I'd be shocked! It was so quick!! The only seams are under the arms, so it flies!!! I also whipped up a matching, Quick and Easy Baby Hat. The pattern was made to match the sweater, and it took me about an hour and half or so to make and seam. Because the sweater is a bit more frilly that what I would usually make, I made it in a pretty purple-blue color. I figured it would tone down the frilly-ness of it! Craig's cousin is due with a baby girl in March, so I think this set is going to be headed to Boston before too long.

Here's the finished set. I bought some ribbon that matches the color of the sweater, but I think it is going to be too wide to look right on the hat (you weave ribbon into the bottom row of eyelets). I'm going to keep my eyes open for something that better suits both the sweater and hat. Once I find what I like, it will also be used to tie the sweater closed at the top. I didn't feel like making I-cord ties.

Not bad, huh??
So, that's what I have been up to. I already have another baby sweater on the needles...they never rest! This sweater is for a childhood friend who is having a baby in May. I need to get all of these projects done before Hannah goes into the hospital, since I don't know how much knitting time I'll have after that. I am still throwing around the idea of making Hannah a Tasha stuffed animal, using Susan B. Anderson's Hippo pattern. It will require a bit of designing on my part to make a dress for it, but I think Hannah will love it! If I get to make it for her to take to the hospital, I plan to work on it at night so she doesn't know about it. Hmmm...I think I just convinced myself to do it! I wish I had a Uniqua pattern (or something I could modify), but I have yet to find anything. Oh well....one Backyardigan at a time!!!

Well, I'm off for now.


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ilovemyliam said...

I think you should do a Tasha for her, she would love it!

Of course, I think you should do it in crochet...