B is for Boy...and some more spinning!!

Hey hey!!
Well, I've been a busy girl. A few days ago I started a new baby blanket. A good childhood friend of mine is due with her second boy in May, and I wanted to make her something special. Originally I had thought about giving her the Baby Sophisticate sweater that I made...until I remembered that she won't need any sweaters for a May baby...so, I bit the bullet and just asked her what she wanted. She asked for a blanket...so here you go.
It is all garter, but made on the diagonal with an eyelet edge. I also added the two white stripes to the end for a bit more visual interest. I have a long way to go, but it shouldn't take long. This is perfect TV knitting since you don't have to look at what you're doing. Hopefully this one will go to the "done pile" before too long!!
I have also been spinning some more. I spun the rest of the Field Berries fiber I had...and I loved it so much I went to Shuttleworks and bought some more! I also picked up another bobbin so I can make more than 2-ply yarn.
This is also Louet fiber...in the Cactus Flower colorway. The one thing I am learning about this fiber is that you have no idea what it will look like spun. The colors melt into each other and the vibrant colors almost become more jewel toned when you spin it. I can see why so many people spin their fiber and then dye it...it is the only way to truly know what the colors will look like. For me, I like the surprise!!!
Here's what I spun before dinner tonight. Things are looking much more even, don't you think??
Well, I'm off to add a few rows onto my blanket. Hubby and I are watching "Cool Runnings" and having fun seeing how much Calgary has changed since they made the movie. I definitely have a whole new appreciation for the movie now that I live in Calgary. When I first watched it as a kid, I never in a million years imagined that I would someday be living here! heck, I don't think I even knew where Calgary was!!!
Have a great rest of the weekend!!!

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