If you craft it, they will love it! (Ummm..Not so Much!)

Let me introduce you to Hannah's Holiday Hat...aka "The Tart Topper." I made this hat last year for the Diva. She helped pick out the yarn, pattern, etc. I busted my hump to get it done in record time, only to find out that the Diva HATED IT!!! To this day, she refuses to wear it!! Her Corduroy Bear was the only thing in this house that would wear it.
Moving right along, I introduce you to BeeBee the Turkey. Poor BeeBee must be a very confused little turkey. Again, Hannah helped me pick out the yarn, she even helped me stitch it up…the…wait for it…SHE HATED IT!!! I told her that I was going to give BeeBee away to a friend’s baby, and she protested, so there may be hope for BeeBee after all.

So, why am I telling you about these poor knit items that are destined for the Land of Misfit Knits? They, along with countless other projects, taught me to have a thicker skin when it comes to crafts. Minds change, styles differ, and there is always a chance that the recipient just might not like what you made.

Here’s the moral of this story…learn from my knitting trials and tribulations. Don’t get too attached to any of your projects and if you think that the person you’re making it for might not like it…don’t waste your time! Find someone else who is either a good liar and tells you that they love it, or make it for yourself!!!

Happy Crafting!



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