Crafting with Toddlers...Valentine's Day Style

Crafting with toddlers is a skill. One that takes, in my opinion, LOTS of practice. The Diva and I recently made my hubby a Valentine’s Day gift. She and I went to Michaels, she picked out the frame, paint, wood shapes, everything. She was so proud of herself for being able to go shopping “like a big girl.”

So, we dug out her painting smock, and got to work. She painted the front of the frame. I offered to paint the back and sides and she said no. She liked them the way they were. Ummmm…okay. She “let” me paint the letters and glue everything, since the letters were so small and I had no intensions of letting her use my glue gun. After all, she is 2.

Hannah finished the whole project by selecting a photo to display. She originally picked one of the cats, but I told her that Daddy would much rather see her pretty face than our furry monsters. I must say, I am very proud of her crafting and the fact that she kept the whole thing a secret for a week or so!!!

While working on the frame with the Diva, I was reminded of some of the Rules of Toddler Crafting.

Rule #1: Put away your inner OCD crafter. It took a lot out of me to not paint the sides and back of the frame. I had to count to 10 and take some deep breaths (okay, not really, but it still irks me a bit)

Rule #2: Let go of the dollar signs. My little one was so excited to be making something all on her own for Daddy that I didn’t care what it cost. Granted, I wasn’t about to spend a small fortune on supplies, but I wasn’t counting pennies either. The same goes for supplies you already have at home. If you don’t want your toddler to use up all of the $15 glitter, don’t even show it to them. There is an unwritten rule in the heads of toddlers everywhere…they MUST use/dump/even eat all of the most expensive supplies you have! You’ve been warned!!!

Rule #3: You must act as the mediator. Unless you enjoy getting dirty looks from your significant other, don’t set them up for failure. As soon as the craft is seen, kindly say, “Honey, isn’t that the most beautiful (fill in the blank), you’ve ever seen?” This not only strokes the ego of your child, but it also tips off your significant other as to what the item is.

Rule #4: Let loose!! Who cares if you need to vacuum an extra time this week or if you need to throw your kid in the bath after a craft session? Being creative helps everyone involved grow and express themselves. Have fun and your child will too!!!

What are some of your favorite toddler crafts?? I’d love to hear about them!!



Karla said...

That is adorable!!! It came out so cute.

I am SOOO not crafty, so I really enjoy reading about your crafting adventures.

Devin and I recently painted a sun catcher. :)

Cara said...

She did a marvelous job! And you did a great job supporting her. :)