Hello...I'm a Dabbler, Die-Hard, Spectator...you??

If you read my last post, you’d know that I am planning on revamping the blog a bit. I am still in the process of finding a new layout that I like, so bear with me on that. While thinking about what kind of craft blog I wanted to have, I was forced to think about what kind of crafter I am. Here are some of the possible categories I came up with…

- The Ultimate Crafter…aka My Mom. This is the crafter who can go to Michaels, buy $10 of goodies, and as Tim Gunn would say, “make it work.” This crafter is not only good at crafts, but can also rival Julia in the kitchen, turn a dead plant into a prize winning roses, decorate a room better than the HGTV folks…oh, and did I mention…they make it look effortless!! This is the crafter that everyone hates, but strives to be. They are their own biggest critic, but deep down they know (or should know), that they kick butt!

- The Dabbler. A little of this…a little of that. This is your ADD crafter. Be careful if you are friends with this person…they will (and have) bought the supplies to make every end cap displayed craft at the store. They love to try new things, but hate to commit to any of them. One year you might get a knit scarf for Christmas, the next year you’ll get an oil painting. There is never a dull moment with this crafty person.

- “A” for Effort. This not-so-crafty person deserves a medal for their hard work-albeit, it won’t be a gold medal. They try hard and every once in a while have a successful crafting project. In my opinion, most crafters fall into this category. With a bit more confidence and practice, the “A” for Effort crafter can easily become one of the other types of crafters, yet very few stick around long enough to find out.

- The Spectator. We all know this person. They frequent craft fairs, they have a frequent buyer card on Etsy, and they love walking the aisles of craft stores. This person loves the look, feel and smell (Yes, I said smell…have you ever shoved your nose into a bouquet of dried flowers??) of handmade things, but they have no intentions of ever making their own crafts. This same person can sometimes be referred to as the Rip-off Artist, as from time to time, they may claim purchased items as their own handiwork.

- The Die-Hard. Have you ever been to a craft store and seen the person in the checkout line with their shopping cart filled to the top with “stuff”? Chances are you have encountered The Die-Hard. This individual jumps head first into a craft, all while buying the entire aisle at the craft store that is dedicated to said craft. They may or may not use their “stuff” more than once, but they consider themselves an expert. After all, they have every related goodie in their stash…some of that product knowledge had to have rub off at one point or another.

These are just a few of the types of crafter that I could think of…I’m sure there are many, many more out there.

As for me, I think that I am a Crafting Mutt. I have been known to dabble (someday let me tell you about the cross stitch blanket that has been sitting in my craft bin for YEARS); I have had a few successes, so I guess I deserve the occasional “A” for Effort; I have been to craft fairs before, though I cannot think of anything that I have actually purchased at one; and you should see my random collection of books, materials, and miscellaneous “stuff” that I have at one point or another filled my shopping cart with!!

I’d love to hear what your crafting style is…feel free to comment and share!!!



itsybitsyknitsy said...

Hi Again,
I loved your comment on It's Blogworthy's blog regarding an American living in Canada. I just did a post on Canada too - I love it here. For some reason every time I try to "follow" you I get an error message - but I am following :D

Cara said...

I'm such a dabbler! I've made peace with it... most days. Need paint, beads, crochet hooks, stained glass supplies? Come on over!