Weekend Scores


Well, I went bargain shopping this past weekend and I found a few great deals!!!  Actually, I was out hunting for plastic eggs for the Diva, and couldn't find any.  I didn't want to waste the time out by myself, so I decided to pick up a few things for moi. 

First, I was on the hunt for a tablecloth.  Our table is apparently an odd size, since I can never find anything that fits it...and that isn't $100.  For Thanksgiving, I made my own tablecloth with some IKEA fabric, but I wanted something more springy.  I actually found a cream colored one at the Dollar Store for $2!!  I also picked up a cute butterfly runner for my plant stand for another $2. 

While there, I checked out the craft aisle (like there I'd skip that!) and I found some cute moss covered twig balls.  You can see them in the photo of my bathroom shelf. Mixed with the twig balls I already had, they look pretty good...or at least I think so.  I also found a few other odds and ends before heading to Walmart...to continue my egg hunt.

So, I never did find any eggs, but I did score that cute red vase in the photo...for $1.97!!!  I was super excited since I thought a punch of red would look nice in there.  Now I just have to get some new towels to finish everything.  I told the hubby that I wanted to get some new towels, and he agreed 100%.  He even suggested that we replace all of our towels, not just the ones downstairs!!  Woohoo!!!

While at Walmart, I also found another awesome tablecloth.  I still have to take some photos of it, so they'll be posted another time.  I was searching for egg alternatives, and I saw it...the perfect match to my Nana's vintage Pyrex dishes...the ones we use every day!!  I HAVE to take photos so everyone can see the perfect match!  For the $14 it cost, it was well worth it!!

So, that was my bargain hunting.  I'm off to play with the Diva...I'll post more later!


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Cyndi in BC said...

Did you ever find some plastic eggs? If not, and you still want some, just tell me how many and I'll send them to you. My grandkids toybox has dozens of them in there. The kids won't miss a few to send to the Diva! :)