Birthday Madness!!!

Happy Monday!!!

This past weekend, my little Diva turned three!!! I still cannot believe how big she is getting!!! Though I would love to post photos of a crafty birthday blowout, there are none. We decided to hold off on having a party for her until this summer. I don’t talk about it too often on here, but the Diva has some health issues, and has an upcoming surgery. Open heart surgery…#3. We’ve already had it postponed twice because of colds, so we weren’t ready to take any more chances. Though we don’t keep her in a bubble, we thought that inviting a bunch of people into our home would be asking for trouble. So, this summer we’ll be having a Backyardigan Belated Birthday/Recovery Party. The Diva was quite understanding about the whole thing. Don’t worry…she still had a few visitors, and a cake, and LOTS of presents.

Back in November, I started her “Something for Spring” sweater. I actually started it while sitting in the waiting room at the hospital during the Diva’s Cardiac Catheter. My plan was to knit it 100% while she was in the hospital, but with the delayed surgery, I didn’t want to wait. So, I put my hands into high gear and I finished it for her Birthday. We renamed it “Hannah’s Birthday Sweater”, and she wore it out to dinner on her big day. Though I finished most of it sitting in our living room, and not in the hospital, it still has special meaning to me.

Here’s the Diva and her Daddy right before we went out to dinner.

I thought it was going to be huge on her, but apparently she has gone through a recent growth spurt, because it fits great!! It’s a bit baggy, but still a perfect fit. I think it should get her through the spring and cool summer nights just fine!!

My hands didn’t stay idle for long. As soon as the sweater was seamed, I got busy making clothes of a different kind…Barbie clothes. The Diva got a few for her birthday, and they needed a few more outfits. I miss the days when you could buy the $5.00 Barbie at Osco Drug and then get 20 outfits for it at any department store!!! Now, it seems as though you have to spend $25.00 on the special themed dolls in order to get any clothes!! I bought a mermaid Barbie from one of the movies we’ve been watching, and she came with a convertible mermaid tail that changes into an outfit, a pair of flip flops, and a few jewelry pieces. She cost $25.00!! Te Diva really wanted it, so I was fine spending the money…I just wish she came with a bit more. I bought one of her friends, and all she came with was a bikini…not even a pair of flip flops!! The few outfits they had at Wal-Mart looked more “naughty” than “nice”, so I decided that I needed to make some stuff instead. It actually brought me back to my childhood…my sister used to “take orders” for personalized Barbie sweaters, and she’d knit them for me. She also sewed blankets and pillows. I had many flashbacks when the Diva and I were looking at some knitting patterns online and she was pointing and requesting special colors.

So, with that said, Barbie now has one new outfit. It isn’t perfect, but it is better than having naked dolls sitting out on the coffee table!! I have MANY more patterns, and MUCH more baby yarn to use up in my stash, so be ready for more reveals in the near future!!

I do have one final project that I finished up this weekend, but I’ll wait to do a special post for it. I finished my section of the latest WCOBBS blanket…but I still need to snap some photos. I also started planning a baby gift for a friend in Georgia, who is having a baby boy in August. They are HUGE UGA fans, so get ready for lots of red, black and white in my projects!!! Their nursery is going to be in those colors, so my wheels have been turning all weekend, planning out a cool gift for them. Stay tuned!!!

Well, I’m off to play dolls with the Diva. Have a great week everyone!!!


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