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Hello All!!!

So, even though I haven't been blogging much, I have been knitting up a storm!!  It seems that I can't multi-task and do both these days...that and the Diva has decided that she is the new computer geek in the family.  She is always bugging me to use the laptop!!

Anyways, the first project I finished up recently was my Boheme II. 

I used some suggested mods for this pattern, and I added a four stitch garter border to the edges.  I also did a 7 row garter border on the bottom, rather than the picot edge.  It lays super flat, compared to the first one I made.  I also switched up the yarn and used Cotton-Ease this time.  I had to go down a needle size to accommodate the change as well. 
I selected some pearly white buttons for this one.  I felt that the bolder color shouldn't be over staged by bold buttons.  Plus, I think the ones I chose are girly and dainty.

I really like this pattern, and aside from some issues with my interchangeable needles, it was an easy and fast knit.

Next up...Mom's Sanity Scarf.  I know this is a funny name, but the yarn I used was bought for me by one of my closest friends to help keep me sane while the Diva was in the hospital.  The pattern was Villandry Lace Scarf, and the only mod I did was that I skipped the suggested fringe.  I used most of a skein of Blue Sky Alpacas Suri Merino in a beautiful Earth color.  I love the pattern in this scarf...it reminds me of the chair caning my grandfather used to do when I was a kid.  It's funny, as I was knitting this and preparing for the Diva's operation, I was actually comforted by this memory of my Pop.  Isn't it funny how the smallest things can jog a happy memory?
Okay, what else have I been up to??  I had to check my Ravelry Projects Page to double check, but I think the last thing I have had on my needles is my Baby Doll.  I am using the pattern, Baby Doll Set: Doll from Susan B. Anderson's book, Itty-Bitty Toys.  I wanted to make a special baby gift for my cousin's new baby, and this fit the bill perfectly.  Boheme II is going to be sent along too.

This doll is a bit tricky, since each body part is knit separately and then seamed.  It leaves a lot of room for error.  I don't care though...I love it!!!  Last night I stitched on the face and added the hair, and I am amazed at the personality that jumped out of this doll!!  All that I have left is to knit the little ruffle bloomers.  The body was done with a super soft wool, and the dress is made from cotton.  The hair was some acrylic I had kicking around.  I love the technique that is used for the hair...the twisted loop stitch is so fun!!!! 
I have a bunch more baby gifts to make, so I need to get moving!!!  I have a long way to go on the UGA blanket I started for a friend in Georgia, and I have another toy idea that I might whip up to send to Illinois. 

Along with all of this knitting, I have spent a lot of time in the garden.  I'll show some photos from the garden in my next post...stay tuned!!!


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