We're Going Public!

Hey Everyone!

So, as you may be aware, I have a second blog that is actually older than this one.  I saved it for family news, etc.  A little while back I made it private...actually I did that right before Hannah "The Diva's" open heart surgery this past spring.  I wasn't ready to show the world the photos of my baby post-op.  However, after much thought, I decided to make it public again.  There is so much to my life besides knitting and gardening...and now I'm willing to share it with you all.

So, with that said, please check out http://cshgiles.blogspot.com/ and feel free to follow along!!


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Allison said...

Thanks for making it live! I am a co-blogger over at Kids in Cowtown. I couldn't quite discern which CHD your Hannah had (only that she needed a Fontan procedure). My Avery was born Christmas of 2008 (a month early) with undiagnosed TGA. We were "lucky" in that all of her heart procedures (knock on wood) were done at birth (rather than now!). She did suffer a stroke at some point (still have not got into the neuro clinic to find out the details) so she has mild cerebral palsy and is developmentally delayed on all levels of the Bayley test. Anyway, nice to meet you! It's good to find another heart mom (esp. since we both had stays at the Stollery!). Avery's history is here (you have to scroll to the beginning!): http://stampinwhenican.blogspot.com/search/label/Avery

You can also find her current progress on her own blog: http://averyfillo.blogspot.com/