Thank You!

Hello All-

I have been knitting up a storm, but I wanted to share one of my most prized projects.

This is a photo of my Pop, and the poppy pin I made in his honor.  My Pop served in WWII and will always be my hero.  For those of you who live in Canada, you know that poppy pins are EVERYWHERE!!  My three-year old wanted to wear one, but the stick pin that pokes all of us was a bit too much for her to handle.  So, I found a pattern on Ravelry and made this little beauty.  It took all of 10 minutes to make, but it means the world to me. 

(For those of you who look carefully at the photo, no, my Pop is not in his Army uniform.  This is a photo of him when he worked at a hotel in the White Mountains, the summer he met my Nana.  I wasn't able to dig out a photo of Pop in uniform in time to post this.)

Have a wonderful day!

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