The Done Pile is Getting Bigger!!!

Hello Hello!

Here are a few more knit items I have been working on this week...

The other night my husband told me that he thought the Diva's feet were getting cold at night.  next thing you know, he was asking me to make some socks for her.  We all know what I think of knitting socks, so this was quite the request.  I did some searching and found a pattern that called for bulky yarn...SCORE!!!  I guess if there is one thing that can make socks more bearable, it is bulky yarn!!  So, in less than 24 hours, the Diva had some socks!!

She isn't sure if she likes them...they are a bit stiff, so they are kinda snug on her.  Perhaps I'll make her another pair in the next size up...we'll see.

(Don't mind the kitty paws in the photo...Louis wanted to try the socks on!!)

I'm still plugging away at Barbie's new wardrobe.  She needed a pair of shorts to go with her tunic.  I was originally going to make capris, but I got lazy and bound off at short length...not bad for 45 minutes of work, huh??

I think I'm going to make either another dress or a long coat next...we'll see!!

Finally, here is a project that I cannot wait to make!!!  A good friend loaned me her Barbie pattern book from the 80s, and on the back cover, I discovered this...

Is there anything more perfect for me to make the Diva's Ken doll?!?!  I just have to find the right colors to replicate the Flames' throwback jersey.  I have also been looking on Ebay for some skates for Ken.  Wish me luck!!!

(By the way, is anyone else wondering why barbie is wearing a sailor suit at the hockey arena??)

I'm off to cast on a hat for another Christmas gift.  It involves cables, which are not my thing, so we'll see how it turns out.  I figure if I can whip up a pair of socks in 24 hours, I should at least give cables a try!!

Oh yeah, one more thing.  I am now contributing articles to a Calgary blog called Kids in Cowtown.  Today they are featuring one of my projects...go on, check it out...you know you want to!!!!

Happy Crafting!

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Prairie Girl said...

Good job - you are so on top of your Christmas game!

That hockey pattern is AWESOME! Seriously, he'll be the best dressed Ken doll I've ever seen. As for the sailor outfit on Ms. Barbie? Hmmm...I think I'll try to give her the benefit of the doubt :)

Off to check out your link...