Happy CHD Awareness Week

Hello All-

Yesterday marked the first day of CHD Awareness Week. For those of you who have followed either of my blogs, you know that my three-year old daughter, Hannah, aka the Diva, was born with a heart defect. She has now had three open heart surgeries and will undergo a final procedure this spring. Rather than go into detail about Hannah’s condition, her heart story, and a bunch of medical jargon, I thought I’d give everyone a little peek into what having a “heart kid” means to me. (For those who are interested, feel free to Google Double-Outlet, Right-Ventricle for more info on what Hannah has)

To me, being the Mom of a child with a CHD means seeing a beautiful smile every morning. It is taking my little girl to her first music class, preparing for preschool, and getting ready for her first dance recital. It is playing Barbies and practicing the hula hoop, riding bikes and going to hockey games.
Occasionally it is shedding tears and looking for answers. It is finding the perfect band-aid after blood work, enjoying treats in the hospital coffee shop and learning just how creative you can be when it comes to giving daily meds.

It is renewing faith in God, saying lots of prayers, and learning the true meaning of the words, “Thank You.” It is putting trust in strangers and creating life-long bonds. It is having a family that you share a bond, not blood, with.

It is teaching…and learning. It is discovering boundaries and breaking them. It is striving and believing. It is living life one day at a time, and making sure that each one is as full as possible.

It is being thankful and not taking things for granted. Most of all, it is loving and living life…one heartbeat at a time.

Happy CHD Awareness Week!!

God Bless,


Kelly said...

Oh, Sharon. I'm so happy that you have Hannah and she has you (and Craig). That smile is priceless.

Stacey said...

Hannah's smile is contagious!

Anonymous said...

Sharon, I'm so proud of you for the graceful and joyful approach you take to life's challenges. I'm also so happy whenever I see Hannah's beautiful smile and know that she has been through so much at such a tender age. Your family is an inspiration!