A Night Out: Avec Chef Eric Ripert

Hello All-

With a `Preschool Princess` at home, hubby and I don`t get out too much on date nights.  However, there are some events that are too good to be true and well worth getting a sitter.  Recently we had such a date night...and we went to see Chef Eric Ripert at the EPCOR Centre.  Last winter we were able to see the lecture the EPCOR hosted with Chef Anthony Bourdain, and we had a wonderful time.  This year, we brought along some fellow foodie friends of ours as well. 

Chef gave a wonderful lecture, talking about his beginnings in food, as well as his current restaurant, Le Bernardin.  It was great to hear his stories about food being thrown around the kitchen, the grand meals his mother would make, and how he ended up coming to the US.  

After the show, we were able to go upstairs at the facility and meet Chef, as well as get his autograph.  We were also able to do this at the Bourdain show, and it was a great treat, and well worth the extra money.  We also tasted some wonderful wines, and some delicious appetizers...I was really digging the wild boar they served...yum!! 

Chef`s style is classic, but simple.  After thumbing through his cookbook, Avec Eric, I can`t wait to try a few of the dishes.  Stay tuned to see how they go!!

Throw on a drink afterwards at the James Joyce with our friends, and it was a wonderful evening.

Off to cook!! 


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