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Hello All-

So, I have been out of this world busy lately!!  First, I got a bunch of knitting done, then we went on vacation to Florida, then I did ore knitting on vacation, then I ate a bunch of great food on vacation, then I came home and tried making ravioli and it was a flop, then...man, I need to take a breather!!

First things first, a knitting update.  I wanted a fun project for the plane, and I decided on this market tote.  It was super easy and a great airplane project!!  The first bit is a bit tricky on dpns, but once you switch over to circulars, it is smooth sailing.  I did skip the crochet start and simply cast on, but other than that, it is to the pattern. 

I highly recommend this project if you have a bunch of cotton kicking around and you want to use it up without making a bunch of dishcloths.  Though I wanted to use this bag to collect yummy fruit in Florida, it served a better use to bring various do-dads with us in the car.

The pattern is Grrlfriend Market Bag.  And I used some Bernat Handicrafter Cotton to make it.

Before we went on vacation, I ordered some KnitPicks "stuff" to have sent to my in-law's house.  I knew I wanted to knit while I was down there, so I figured I would have some goodies waiting for me.  Along with some new cords for my interchangeables, I also bought a sampler set of needles.  I have Harmony wooden needles that hubby bought me for Christmas, but I was curious to see how the nickle plated and Zephyr needles felt.  So, the Try It Needle Set was perfect! 

Next I just had to find a pattern to out one type of needles.  I decided to go with the acrylic tips and start a new shawl.  I selected the Shoreline Lace Shawl by Lion Brand and I bought 2 balls of Cotton-Ease in the Azalea colorway for it.  I love this pattern!!!  It looks intimidating, but once you get going, it is quite easy.  I did find that it was good poolside knitting, but not the best project to be working on while paying attention to tv.  I need to watch each row pretty carefully so I don't miss a yarn over. 

I am currently into the second ball of yarn, and I am anxious to get this project finished up.  I think the color will look great against my mostly black wardrobe this summer!!

So, there you have it.  I also bought some pretty Berroco Alpaca for a gift project, but it will be a while before I can talk about that on here. 

So, stay tuned for some more updates.  I am already planning posts about the food we ate, places we visited, and some other knitting projects I have been working on...oh, and then there's the great ravioli disaster of 2011!!!


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