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I wanted to do a quick post about the beverages we served at Hannah's party since they were so popular with our guests.  First of all, I needed to decide how many drinks we were going to offer.  Once we got into the 20+ range, I knew that there was no way to purchase everyone's favorite drinks.  I had to go generic and hope that everyone found something that they liked.  I also knew that I didn't want alcohol served...after all, this was a party for a four-year old. 

So, we decided to go with picnic beverages that had lots of color and flavor.  Being from the States, fresh brewed iced tea is a staple for us.  We always laugh when friends come over and don't know what to make of their first swig of non-sweetened tea.  We have family send us giant tea bags that my husband's employer sells back home in Maine, since we can't get them here.  However, my Mom always made tea with about 20 tea bags.  Unfolding all of them was always my job as a kid!  Add a squeeze of lemon juice and a touch of sweetener if you like and you have yourself a delicious summer drink. 

I bought a giant bag of lemons at Costco and knew I needed to make lots of lemonade with them, so I decided on two different types...regular and strawberry!  Both were great, but many thought the strawberry one was a touch too sweet...even with my sweet tooth, I had to agree.  The recipe calls for crushed ice, and now I know why!!

I got my lemonade recipes from Better Homes and Gardens (basic lemonade here and strawberry lemonade here).  I have a feeling I'll be making their key lime and peach tea lemonades this summer too!!

All in all, the drinks were a huge success and I don't think anyone went thirsty.  We actually had soda on the back porch and no one asked for it...so our pantry is now stocked for our next get together.  I think what we served complimented the spring garden theme quite well and would also go along nicely with any summer BBQ or picnic!!

Happy Creating!!

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