Garden Update...Happy Summer!!

Hello All-
So the sun has been out for 2 whole days now!!  I was able to sneak out today and snap a few photos of the back gardens.  Unfortunately the mosquitoes are so bad that I haven't been able to get out and weed yet, so don't mind any stray pieces of grass in the photos.

First up, I had started some cucumber seeds inside this winter and once I put them outside, they fried in the sun.  So, after searching high and low for a replacement plant, I found a beautiful one at Lowe's.  For $14.98 I was able to get a 16" pot that was caged and full of cucumbers!!  Here are two of the ones we plan on eating next week.

Next, in my side flower garden I have a few edible items.  Last year I planted a gooseberry bush, and it has taken off this year!!  Growing up, my Memere and Pepere had a beautiful gooseberry bush, and during games of hide-and-seek, I could always be found snacking away.  Pepere swears that gooseberries grow better next to currants, so once we move to Edmonton, I think I'll be getting one of each.

My strawberries and chives are doing great too!!!  The strawberries are just now starting to turn red...I can taste them already!!  We have been eating lots of chives, and we even sampled the flowers.  Just a warning...chive flowers, though delicious, are really potent!!  Use sparingly!!

My veggie garden has been doing really well, despite all of the rain.  I was worried about my beans, as they weren't sprouting, but apparently they like wet soil since they took off once the rain came.  The two back boxes in the photo below have wax beans and green beans.  The box between the onions is full of purple beans.  Hannah can't wait to try those!!

Our peas are getting big and we're anxiously awaiting flowers and pods.  Hannah is a big fan of eating peas off the vine, so we're hoping for a crop before we move.

In the rest of the veggie garden I have 2 types of tomatoes growing, onions, Swiss chard, lettuce, radishes, summer squash, basil, spinach, zucchini, and broccoli.  I also have some asparagus that I think needs 1 more year before we will get a crop. 

Our lilacs are just starting to open, and we can smell them inside.  Our cherry tree has already flowered, and I'm hoping that the fact that the rain knocked a bunch of the flowers off, that we don't have a lousy crop of cherries again this year.  Thankfully I saw a glimmer of hope with a few cherries starting to grow.

So there you have it...despite the fact that we're preparing to move 3 hours north, my garden hasn't suffered too bad.  Fingers crossed that the house sells quickly, but that we can also get a taste of our hard work before we are officially gone.

Cheers and Happy Summer!

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