Garden Update...An Unwelcome Visitor

Hello All-
Living in the city, we don't get too many "pests" in the garden.  We did have a bunny issue our first summer here (FYI, neighborhood bunnies and cauliflower and cabbage plants don't mix!), but our fence quickly fixed that problem. 

I thought we were in the clear with pests until the other day. I was upstairs in the guest room, peeking out the window to see how the other back gardens in the neighborhood look, and that's when I spotted him...

Say hello to Mr. Prairie Dog!
(he hid under our neighbor's car when I went out to grab a photo)

I have never seen one of these guys in the 'hood before.  Our neighbor on the other side moved in and when the snow melted, she found deep holes in the yard.  She assumed it was from the previous owner's dog or the neighborhood bunnies, but now I'm starting to wonder.  That worries me since I'm smack dab in the middle and I'm the one with a garden. 

We did notice that the neighborhood cats have been hanging out in the back alley behind our house a lot more lately.  There was a mound of grass surrounding the power box and we assumed that we might have some mice back there.  Then some kids started using the grass as a hide and seek spot, so a few nights ago hubby cut it all back.  Then the next morning I spotted Mr. Prairie Dog.  Hmmm...I don't think there were mice back there afterall. 

I am praying that this little guy doesn't cause too much trouble and that he doesn't find my veggies and fruits.  Does anyone know how to repel prairie dogs?? Until we figure out what to do, Hannah and I are on burrow patrol.  I hate to see the little guy suffer, but it wouldn't be the worst thing in the world if the cats were after him.  It would save me a lot of lost crops. 

My cats are indoor cats, so they won't be on the prowl anytime soon.  Plus, I think they have better things to do...

Happy Gardening!!

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