Before there was knitting...

Hello All-

I recently cleaned out some files from our old PC and I came across some photos of my earlier craft projects.  Before I was pregnant with Hannah, I used to make mosaic art.  I was by no means a pro, but I am still quite proud of the work that I did. 

My interest in mosaics started with a stepping stone I made for my Mother-in-Law when my Brother-in-Law went to Iraq.  I wanted to do something with a yellow ribbon, and they were in the process of completing their backyard garden.  I thought a stepping stone that they could look at would be a great reminder of their son while he was away. 

From that point on, I was hooked!!  Many of my family members garden, so I started making more stones. 
This one I made for my Sister-in-Law.  The variations in the white glass look great in the sun, and they reflect the colors of the actual flowers around the stone.  The middle was done with seaglass, so it has a bit of texture.
My Mom has an amazing garden, so I knew I wanted to make something special for her.  I decided to do a 4 stone series with a bug theme.  Here are two of the four stones...

Sorry for the glare on the photos...I took these before I had my fancy camera.  The spots on the ladybug are glass beads, so they pop up above the rest of the stone. 

On the bee, I used textured glass for the wings, so it looks like the texture of real bee wings.  I was so psyched when I found that glass...I knew exactly what I was going to use it for!!

The other two stones were a dragonfly and butterfly...though I can't seem to find photos of them. 
After I had my fill of stones, I branched out into crosses.  Here are a few I made...again, please pardon the glare on the photos.

I really miss mosaics, and I cannot wait to get back into making them.  I stopped because of the number the grout and adhesives were doing on my hands.  Plus, it is hard to stop mid-project, so when I had Hannah, I had to pack up my glass for a bit.  Now that she's older, I am anxious to get back into it.  Perhaps once we get settled into the new house, I'll be able to start up again.

So there you have it, a peek into my previous life as a mosaic crafter. I hope you enjoyed it!



Myrna said...

Very nice! I used to do mosaic stuff as well.. I should pull out some old pics.

expat said...

Very nice. when you have moved and Hannah is in school may be the time to do this again.