Garden Update...The Front Yard

Hello All-
With all of the posts last week regarding the back yard, I thought I'd do a quick one about the garden out front.  So much of it is comprised of bulbs and perennials that I don't think much of it sometimes.  It kind of takes care of itself.  The other day I did clean it up a bit.  We have a rose bush that was put in by the builder and it has spread all over.  I clipped that back and trimmed the tulips that had passed, to make room for the lilies that are out in full force.  I love seeing how many new flowers come up each year...to think, the patch I have started with just a handful of bulbs!  The yellow ones are all opening, and the red ones are a few days behind. 

I also weeded everything (the thistle this year is out of control!!!) and moved around a few of the smaller plants to fill in where the tulips had been. 

While outside, I noticed that a friend from a few years ago was back to say hello...

I believe that it is a type of crab spider.  Hannah thinks it is so cool that it can change it's color to match the flower it is on.  It has mastered the color of our yellow lilies.  We spent a while watching it, as it truly walks like a crab...so cool!!!  I don't know if it is the same one that we have watched in years past, but it seems like each year we find of these guys living in the same spot. 

Well, I guess I'll leave you with some photos of the other flowers in the garden.  We had a nice sunny day, so I went out to snap some photos.



Happy Gardening!!!

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