Garden Update...The Veggies

Hello All-
As promised, here are some photos of my veggie/herb garden, as well as my cherry tree.  So far everything is doing quite well, with a few surprises. 

Earlier this summer, the tomato plants I purchased looked awful.  The flowers they had got black and fell off.  Then all of a sudden, we noticed that they were blooming again and this week I noticed we had tomatoes growing!!!  What a wonderful surprise!!!  Hubby reminded me that they always perk up in July, but I wasn't too optimistic...little did I know!!  We'll see if they grow into anything worth eating...if not, the composter will have a good feast!

A while back I had bought a "cheater" cucumber plant at Lowes.  We must have gotten 10 or so good sized cucumbers from it, but it is now looking pretty bad.  It still has a few flowers on it, so I haven't given up hope, but I'm not holding my breath for any more.  I do have photos of the cucumbers we got, but they are on my phone...I'll have to post them another day...

Since I last posted, we have been eating lots of peas!!!  We got a bunch of hail the other day, so the pods were all marked up, but they still tasted great!!  I felt better about their appearance when we went to the Farmer's Market and saw that theirs were marked up too.  Thankfully the new crop we've got growing look awesome and show no signs of hail damage. 

While my Mom was in town, we also picked a few onions for some fresh salsa.  Again, I have a photo of the one we picked, but I'll have to post it another day.  The tops of the onions all got pretty messed up from the hail, but the onions were super tasty!!  I still can't believe how potent fresh from the garden onions are.  They gave quite a bite to the salsa we made!  In this photo you can see some of the onion tops peaking out.  We'll be picking more of these guys this weekend. 

As for everything else, we planted more radishes and they just started sprouting.  My lettuce is forming tight heads, so once we finish up the salad fixings we bought at the store, I'll be picking some fresh stuff.  One of my broccoli plants flowered, so I've cut it back to encourage a second harvest.  My Swiss chard looks great and I can't wait to toss it up with some pasta.  My three different kinds of beans are off to a bit of a slow start, but they seem to grow in spurts. 

Let's see, what else??  Oh, my zucchini and summer squash are doing well.  I have a small summer squash forming and my zucchini is getting ready to flower.  My spinach isn't growing as fast as I'd like, but I think we'll still get a decent harvest from it.

I think that's about it for the veggies.  I did buy a "Salsa Planter" at Home Depot the other day on special.  I missed having peppers in the garden, so the pepper/basil/tomato/cilantro/chive combo plant was just what I needed.  For $10.99, I thought it was a good deal.  It was a bit underwatered when I got it, but I expect that it will perk up soon. 

As for my herbs, they are growing really well.  We used a bunch of them this past week when we roasted a chicken, and hubby used some more when he made an herb paste for a rib roast.  I don't know about you, but I think food tastes so much better when you know the ingredients were grown in your own backyard.
Right now we are keeping an eye on our cherry tree to see how it does.  It is loaded with fruit and they seem to be growing, so fingers crossed that they have a fighting chance against the birds.  I'd love nothing more than to can some of the fruit for us to eat after we move. 

So, for edible "stuff" in the garden, I think that about covers it.  I'll keep you posted on how the tomatoes do in the upcoming weeks.  We are supposed to have a cold snap soon, so hopefully they weather the storm okay.

Happy Gardening!!


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