All Around Town: Edmonton Valley Zoo

Hello All-

It is time for another installment of All Around Town.  This week we visit the Edmonton Valley Zoo.  I must say that of all the attractions we've been to so far, this one was the most disappointing.  I had been warned that it wasn't anything like the Calgary Zoo, but that was a big understatement.  Though, after growing up in a city that didn't have any zoo, I guess something is better than nothing.

First off, the website boasts a collection of more than 350 animals, and though I didn't count each one we saw, I feel like this was a bit overestimated.  To the zoo's defense, they are renovating and perhaps that contributed to the numerous empty exhibits.

Now, I have never been one to fight against zoos, as long as the animals are being cared for properly and are providing an educational resource, though I have found myself being a bit uneasy regarding the small confines that many of the animals are housed in.  Mind you, I have been spoiled by visiting Zoo Miami (formally called the Miami Metro Zoo) several times over the years, and it is a cage less zoo.  That's right, no cages.  A series of moats separates you from the animals, and after seeing both options, I do feel that it is a more humane way to show off these creatures.  There's just something about two Emus pacing back and forth in a cage all day that concerns me. 

Animal rights issues aside, I must say that Hannah had a great time and wants to go back.  I hope to enroll her in a few of the educational programs the zoo offers with hopes that she can learn more about the animals and their habitats.  We also plan to bring a picnic lunch and try to take a ride on the train.  Apparently there are pony rides and paddle boats in the high season too.
Please check out the Edmonton Valley Zoo and let me know your thoughts.  I have high hopes that after a few more visits and after the renovations are completed I will become a believer.

Happy Exploring!

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