All Around Town: Fort Edmonton Park

Hello All-

I figured that since we are in the process of exploring our new city of Edmonton, I would share some of our discoveries with you.  Recently my in-laws came to town to visit, so we were able to check out a lot of attractions right off the bat.

First up is one of my new favorite places, Fort Edmonton Park.  We stumbled across the park during an afternoon of driving around the city.  We knew that it was similar to Calgary's Heritage Park, another favorite place of ours, so we thought we'd give it a chance. 

Going at the end of the season, we knew that some of the features of the park might not be operating, though we were pleasantly surprised that most everything was up and running the day we went.  (The website now says that many of the features are indeed closed for the season).

We first hopped onto a streetcar that took us around the park.  We then walked around 1885 Street, 1905 Street and 1920 Street.  The time got away from us, and in an attempt to make it to the Midway before closing time, we decided to save the 1846 Fort for another day. 

While at the park, we also had lunch in Johnson's Cafe.  Though the menu isn't huge, they serve delicious sandwiches and soups at reasonable prices. 

Finally, we ended our visit with a few rides and games on the midway.  The Ferris wheel wasn't working that day, but we still had lots of fun.  Hannah was a big fan of the manually operated merry-go-rounds (that were free to ride!!) and the three of us had a blast riding the beautiful full-sized merry-go-round.  I also enjoyed watching the artisans carve new animals in the building just behind the ride. 

All in all, we had so much fun at Fort Edmonton Park and we cannot wait until next season to visit again.  For those who are looking to go before they close down for the winter, they are having a Free Admission Day this weekend, and they host several events throughout the off-season as well. 

Cheers and Happy Exploring!!

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Samantha said...

Neat! I will have to keep this attraction in mind when we're up in Edmonton. We've been meaning to head up and meet my sister-in-law there, this might be a good choice for a day!