Potty (seat) Talk

Hello All-
It always amazes me what unusual things get my hubby all excited.  When we moved into the new house, what was one of his first questions?  Do we have round or oval toilet seats? 

Much to his excitement, this house has round seats (our old house had oval...grrr!).  Why is this tidbit of info so important??  Because of these...

And just what is this blog-worthy item?  It is a child/adult toilet seat and 100% pure genius!!  Let me demonstrate...

A child seat is built into the adult seat...cool, huh??  It is held up with magnets when not being used, and is easy enough for my four-year-old to pull it down.  No more nasty potty seats that don't fit properly on the seat.  No more awkward moments with company not knowing what to do with the germ-ridden potty seat when they need to use the bathroom.  I simply wipe both seats down daily with a Lysol wipe and we are good to go.  We have even found that Hannah doesn't need her stool anymore, since her seat doesn't shift when she scootches up on it. 

Now why didn't we have these awesome seats on our toilets sooner?  Simple.  They only make them for round toilets.  Needless to say, these were one of the first purchases made for the new house.  We got ours at Home Depot and they cost around $30.  Well worth it in my book!!
What fun products get you or your significant other all excited??  Please share!!


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