Edmonton Eats: Care-It Deli

Hello All-

For those who know me, you are aware that I like to eat.  Thankfully, my husband also shares this "interest" and Hannah is great at trying new things.  We've been told that we go out a fair amount, and that we find places that locals haven't ever been to before, so I thought I'd share some of our adventures with all of you.

First up is a local hangout of ours, Care-It Deli.  This place is special to us, since we signed the papers for our new house while having lunch there!!  We opt for the Hamptons location since it is right around the corner, but they also have a location in Crestwood.

Feeding folks since 2008, Care-It is the perfect balance of old favorites with local ingredients.  Not only can you pop in for a soup and sandwich, but they also offer meals to go, and various deli selections.  When Hannah and I go together, we like to get a soup and sandwich combo with two drinks.  We have found that 1/2 of a Ham and Cheddar sandwich is just enough for Hannah, and the other half, plus a cup of soup is just enough to fill my belly!! 

I have often told my husband that I love to try new things if I know that the restaurant I'm at will "do it right."  Thanks to Care-It, I have found a love for various soups, including Cream of Tomato and Squash and Ham, all because they know how to "do it right."  In all honesty, I now crave their soups on cold days, and have been inspired to try my hand at soup making at home. 

Though we haven't explored their deli selections too much, we have purchased their bacon (yum!) and we recently gave their Butter Chicken and Turkey Meatball Carbonara & Fettucinne take out meals a try.  All were beyond delicious!!

If you're in the neighborhood and looking for a place that will offer you generous portions, great prices and local specials, give Care-It a try.  You won't regret it!

Happy Eating!

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