A Few Oldies to Share

Hello All!

I wanted to show you a few of the projects I did before Christmas...enjoy!!

CooKoo for Cowls:

This project was a super quick knit!!  It took exactly 2 skeins of WoolEase Thick and Quick, and many, it is THICK!!!  We had temps around -40C with the windchill this week, so it was the perfect time to wear it!! 

The pattern is GAP-tastic Cowl and it is really popular on Ravelry right now!
Go grab yourself a copy of the pattern since it is free, and while you're at it, check out  my Ravelry notes...

Next up...The Christmas Surprise Blanket

I made this uber thick blanket for my new nephew.  It is doubled up Vanna's Choice yarn that I grabbed during a huge sale at Michaels.  It moves right along and the pattern is so easy!!  I like that if you double up the yarn it can be a floor blanket, and if you use a single strand, it is more of a car blanket.  I loved the pattern and I cannot wait to make another one!!  The pattern is Chevron Baby Blanket by Purl Soho, and here are my Ravelry notes.

Hannah's Build-a-Bear needed a new sweater, so I whipped one up using the Toy Pullover or Vest pattern.  I made a few mods, so check out my notes.  Doesn't Dolly bear look cute??  Once I can start knitting again, I have promised Stuffie the Bunny and Canada Bear their own new sweaters!!

Just before we left on Christmas holidays, we went over to the UofA Butterdome for their big craft sale.  I was bound and determined to find some yarn amongst all the candles, metal art, home remedies and wall hangings.  Sure enough, I found a stand for MelonHead Knitwear out of BC.  I loved all of the beautiful handspun she offered, and I bought some BFL and a pattern for a slouchy hat. 

Then, one night at my in-law's house, I whipped up this pink beauty.  (yes, I know the photo is not flattering at all...I look like I have a lazy eye!!)  The pattern is very well written, the yarn was a dream to knit with, and I love the final result!! 

You can find the pattern here, and my notes here.

Finally, I finished up a sweater for Hannah that I don't think I ever posted about.  We bought her a pair of (fake)Uggs and she wanted a sweater to go with them.  So, I went with a simple cardigan in a practical, yet girly grey. 

We named the sweater, "Even Princesses Wear Grey," since Hannah was reluctant to wear either the boots or the sweater at first.  She was convinced they were too boyish, and it took me showing her a photo of Princess Kate (God Bless Google) wearing grey Uggs to make her think twice.  Now she loves both items, despite their color. 

The pattern I used was Audrey's First Day, by Elizabeth Smith.  I had made another one of this designer's sweaters before and loved it, so I was anxious to make something for Hannah.  I did make a bunch of mods on the sweater so it would fit my little princess just right, though I forgot to add them to Ravelry.  I'll have to dig up my pattern and see what I wrote down.  So, with that said, stay tuned to my notes page in case I find them and post them.

So, other than two WCOBBS blankets that I will post about later, I think that should catch you all up on my knitting.  If I think of anything else, I'll be sure to post.


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