A Little Winter Gardening

Hello All-

Some recent warm days have given me quite the case of spring fever.  I needed to shake it, and the only way I could think of was to plant something...anything.  I had recently on Pinterest where someone grew green onions in a glass of water.  Hmmm...I had some onions that were getting old in the fridge, so why not? 

I trimmed up several onions, added them to a short glass of water, and placed them in a sunny window. 

Just a few days, later, this is what they looked like...

You'll notice that there are fewer ends in the glass than when I started.  Several never sprouted (likely because they were pretty old in the fridge), and I tossed them before they funked the water too much.  I also change the water every few days, and give the roots a rinse. 

According the the site I saw this idea on, you can simply cut off what you need for cooking, and the roots will continue to grow.  I bought a fresh bunch at the store today to add to what I have, and hopefully I won't have to buy any more green onions for a long time!


P.S.  This project didn't cure my fever 100%, but it helped!!

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