Paperdoll Suitcase

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Hannah and I were cleaning out some of her old toys the other day, and we came across the magnetic paper dolls I made for a her a while back (for post, click here).  She always loved playing with them, but she didn't always think to ask me for a cookie sheet to use them on.  I asked her if it would help to have her own surface to play on and she said yes, so that got my wheels turning.

I had seen metal mini-lunchboxes at Michaels, but I thought I might be able to get a bit more creative at a lesser cost.  So, off to the dollar store.  There, I bought a cardboard lunchbox and a large dry erase magnet.  Each item cost me $2.00, so there wasn't much investment made. (If Hannah ends up using this a lot, I will likely spring for the metal box, just so the magnets hold a bit better.)

First, I traced the edges of the top of the lunchbox onto the front of the dry erase board.  You will actually be using the back of it as your front.  In the photo to the left, you will see my markings.  I shifted the top so you could see where I drew. 

Then, simply cut out your magnet.  You will have to tweak it a bit to fit inside the lid since the measurements you took were from the outside.  Don't forget to dry fit it and make sure that the bottom isn't too close to the hinges.  You want the lunchbox to close properly.  I had to trim a bit off of mine to make it work. 

Next, you will need to adhere your magnet to the box.  The dry erase board came with double sided sticky circles, so I used those.  You can use anything that you'd like.

Finally, find some paper dolls that would work well as magnets.  The ones I had already made Hannah worked perfect.  She can fit three dolls side-by-side and the lunchbox offers plenty of storage for the extra outfits and accessories.  As you can see, she is really enjoying her new "toy".
Some other modifications to this project that would also work, would be:

  • Lining the top with felt and using felt dolls
  • Using a metal lunchbox
  • Making background scenes to go with your dolls.  These could be done on magnets or thin paper and held in place by the dolls
The possibilities are endless.

Happy Crafting!!

P.S.  I've linked this project up to Creations by Kara's Look What I Made Linky Party!

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