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Hello All-

I have been crafting up a storm these past few weeks.  I am just about done a knit baby blanket and last night I finished my second quilt!!  I'll eventually tell the story of where the quilt and knit blankets are going, but in the meantime, I couldn't wait to share finished photos of the quilt.

The pattern is called Urban Rose Quilt and I bought it as a pamphlet at Walmart.  One of the things I like about it is that it uses some pre-cut fabric to make it.  I am not the best when it comes to precision cuts, so having some of it done for me was helpful.  It uses one jelly roll and one 5-fabric bundle.  I used double-fold extra wide bias tape for the binding, and a mini-bolt for the backing.  All fabric was from Walmart. 

I decided to hand-tie this quilt for a few reasons.  One, I needed to finish it in a timely manner.  Two, I already knew how to hand-tie and felt comfortable with the method. And three, I like the look of using hand-ties when the quilt is mostly squares. 

I added the ties at the corners of each square and in the middle of each one.  Even after washing, only one knot started to loosen.  Not too bad!!

Because I went with mostly solids (there's a slight pattern to the fabrics), I decided to do something a bit funky on the back.  The fabric is done in coordinating polka dots, and though it isn't 100% straight, I think the dots hide that well.  Finally, I added a purple binding to pick up on the girly colors of the quilt. 

All in all, I was looking to make something that had a decent amount of work, while still being relatively quick.  I also wanted it to be a cheerful and bright blanket.  Something that makes you smile when you see it.  I don't know about you, but I am smiling, so I think my mission was accomplished!!

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Happy Crafting!


Heidi Staples said...

How pretty! Love the name of your blog too, by the way! :)

Prairie Girl said...

Wow! I love how colourful it is. Fantastic job :)

Carla said...

Great colors and fun pattern!

Anonymous said...

Isn't it great to have something finished? I love the bright colors in your quilt (it's not a blanket!). Maybe you'll quilt instead of tie your next quilt!

Sharon G said...

Thanks Everyone! Positive feedback is always appreciated and motivating!! I look forward to hand quilting my next quilt, but this one was on a short deadline.

Oh, and to the last commenter, I only slipped up once in calling the quilt a blanket :-).

Cheers Everyone!